Artlandish Aboriginal Art Essay Contest Rules



1. The essay should be on 1 of the 4 following topics about Australian Aboriginal Art:

  • Your favourite Aboriginal Artist and why (Click to see a Selection of Artist’s Bio’s)
  • Your favourite Aboriginal Painting and why (Click to view over 1000 Aboriginal Artworks)
  • Imagine I’d never heard of Aboriginal Art before, please explain it to me?
  • You’ve been given a job running an Aboriginal Art Exhibition in New York. You have to sell the paintings on display. What would you say to convince these art loving New Yorkers they should invest in putting some Aboriginal Art on their walls?


2. The Essay needs to be a minimum of 200 words or 1200 characters. There is no maximum length.


3. The essay needs to be 100% unique information and should not be copied from any online source. Online sources most certainly can be used and referenced and even quoted (within reason and normal scope) but the content must be your own work in your own words.


4. IMPORTANT NOTE: All essays need to pass Copyscape tests for uniqueness! All essays will be checked using the copyscape system for duplicate content so please ensure students do not copy directly from online sources in large volume.


5. Please note when we refer to Aboriginal Art and Aboriginal Artists we are referring to the indigenous people of Australia and they should be the subject matter of all essays. Please be careful not to confuse the Aboriginal people of Australia with the Aboriginal people of Canada.


6. The competition is open to students and university goers of all ages as long as their is a nominated school and teacher / lecturer nominated at the time.


7. Any entrant under the age of 18 who is a winner of one of the cash prizes will need to provide a consent letter from their parents or teacher confirming they are aware of the payment and authorise it to occur. We understand some people may have issues with getting a consent form from a parent so if this is the case for you, we suggest using one of your teachers.


8. IMPORTANT NOTE: Winners of cash prizes will need to provide details within 21 days of winning of the nominated Paypal account they wish the money to be deposited into. If the winner is from Australia, a local bank account can be nominated in place of a PayPal account but all overseas winners must nominate a PayPal account to receive their cash prize.


9. All prizes are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and will be automatically converted if required by PayPal to your local currency. To check currency differences you can use a currency converter here.


10. First prize is 1 Aboriginal Artwork valued at $1,895 which will be given to the school, college or university nominated by the winning entrant at the time of entering. The winning entrant will receive a cash prize of $300 that will be paid directly to them via a nominated PayPal account. All entrants under the age of 18 will require a consent letter to be provided from a parent, guardian or teacher before the payment can be forwarded.The winning entrants teacher will receive a cash prize of $200 that will be paid directly to them via a nominated PayPal account.

If you have any questions please contact us

Thank you and good luck! 🙂

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