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Aboriginal Art has been described as the last great Art movement to be discovered! Whilst being one of the oldest forms of art in the world, it is by commercial standards, very young.

Artlandish Indigenous Art Gallery has been in business for 15 years & specialise in providing customers with the Highest Quality Authentic Aboriginal Artworks at the best possible prices.

Please view the tabs to the right to learn a little bit more about Artlandish and how we can help you acquire your next painting for the love of the way it looks, the story it represents or for investment purposes.

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All Aboriginal paintings and artefacts found in our online gallery come with an unconditional Money Back Guarantee so you can acquire with complete confidence.

One of the most vital points of which you must be assured when you purchase an Australian Aboriginal painting is that the product you are purchasing is authentic. This is of paramount importance.

That is why we provide you with a certificate of authenticity of the Highest Standard as well as exceptional Provenance.

Provenance includes the Aboriginal Artists’ name and a detailed Profile (their life story and achievements), story/description of the artwork, a photograph of the artist, and where possible and permitted, a photograph of the artist with the completed work. Whilst not always possible, we will also provide working images of the artist executing the piece whenever they are available.

You can be totally confident, when you purchase through Artlandish that you are receiving a genuine piece of Australian art!

Artlandish Gallery has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars back into local Aboriginal communities over 13 years.

Purchasing artworks through Artlandish ensures there is a direct and immediate injection of monies into local Aboriginal communities and provides many Artists and their families with an opportunity to earn immediate income with no delays on payments or commissions as Artlandish always pay all our Artists immediately upon completion!

Artlandish is one of the world’s largest online galleries featuring the finest in Authentic Australian Indigenous artworks. We also have one of the largest galleries in the world located in Kununurra, Western Australia.

Whilst it sounds nice what it means for you is that you can buy with absolute confidence knowing Artlandish is committed to always providing you with the finest quality artworks at the best possible prices and that the artists will be fairly and have already been remunerated for their work .

Artlandish is Located in Kununurra, in the heart of the very beautiful and World renowned Kimberley region of Far North East Western Australia.

This web portal contains our huge Online Gallery with more than 1000 paintings, artefacts and gifts available for you to view & purchase. You may also like to visit our Information Centre & Library with an abundance of information, photos and video covering a wide variety of Aboriginal traditions and culture segments.

Please feel free to explore these extensive information resources as well as our comprehensive online gallery and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries or just feel like a chat about Australian Art!

Thanks for visiting.

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Online Art Gallery
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Indigenous Knowledge Library
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Australia’s Leading Artists
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Meet the amazing artists

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Lily is one of Australia’s most important contemporary aboriginal artists.  Whilst she varies her subject matter, she has never compromised on style.  Lily’s paintings are instantly recognisable. 

Lily paints Wandjina – with varied totems, rain dotting, lightning (Black Wandjina), turtles, cave pools with bubbles; all different but all Lily Karadada.

Vale 2017 – Churchill was the Senior artist of a renowned family of ochre artists. His mother-in-law Betty Carrington and her husband Patrick Mung Mung, full sister Nancy Nodea, his former wife, International artist Sade Carrington and in particular their already famous daughter Charlene Carrington.

Ju Ju is a member of a well known painting family – her grandmother Sheba, her mother Freda (dcsd.) and her daughter Reagan – four generations of very talented ladies. 

Her paintings and artefacts are collected world-wide.  In 2002 Ju Ju was asked to paint trophies for the Dubai Racing Club, home of the World’s Richest Race Meeting.  These trophies featured Australian Indigenous Animals and were stunning.  

He is undoubtedly one of the most naturally talented Australian artists. Mark’s design won the 2002 Royal Australian Mint International Award for Pure Silver Collector Coin.

The Royal Australian Mint has only released ten such coins since 1983.   He has participated in Group Exhibitions and his first Solo in September 2003 at the prestigious Alison Kelly Gallery in Melbourne was a sell out success.

Shirley has participated in many exhibitions since 1994 in every capital city in Australia, as well as in London and Germany.

Her artworks are valued and included in high profile collections such as the Kerry Stokes Collection and Universities throughout the Country.

George paints the Tingari stories for this region. Tingari Cycle refers to ancient stories of the ancestral Tingari People who travelled the land during mythological times.

One of George’s most significant achievements is winning the prestigious 2004 Wynne Landscape Prize at the Gallery of New South Wales for his topographical depiction of the Western Desert country.

The content of Gabriella’s paintings is the Dreaming stories handed down to her from her paternal grandmother, Long Rose Nungala and the other senior women who taught her in her formative years.

These include Grandmother’s Dreaming, Seven Sisters Dreaming (Milky Way), Goanna, Bush Tucker and Serpent Dreamings of her Anmatyerre heritage.

Barbara’s dreamings include Bush Berry, My Mothers Country, Awelye and her famous Grass Seed dreaming.

Barbara’s artworks have been exhibited extensively throughout Australia and the world, including Japan, America and Europe.

Stylistically, Sarrita utilises traditional Aboriginal techniques such as ‘dotting’ but also incorporates unorthodox techniques inherited from her late father, as well as self-developed practices.

Her art is a fusion of the past, present and future and represents the next generation of artists who have been influenced by both their indigenous history, and current Western upbringing.

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